Sunday, February 14, 2016

Single on Valentine's Day

I am single on the day of love and all I can do is feel joyful. This isn’t because I have the 
“I hate boys” mentality or because I’m trying to be strong and pretend like I’m okay. It is because my heart is truly filled with joy. A joy that cannot so simply come from or be taken away by my relationship status. I am overwhelmed and grateful for the love that fills my life. The love of an incredible family, love of some wonderful friends, a love for a calling I am passionate about, and a love for my Father that is supreme to all else.

It does not come to much surprise for those that know me, but I am fully content and satisfied with being single. To the point that I truly struggle to understand majority of the comments that flood social media come Valentines Day. The overwhelming number of comments of disgust, envy, and sadness are baffling. (This is an area where I can practice showing compassion.) For me personally, to be anything other than joyfully content would be a lack of trust. I trust God with my past, I trust Him with my present, and I trust Him with my future. Singleness, whether it is a passing or long lasting season in my life, it does not reduce or increase my value, it does not validate or invalidate me, and it does not even begin to define who I am. Let’s talk about my singleness (and yours). I fully believe with every ounce of who I am, that no matter the season of life I walk through, God is walking with me. We serve an intentional and loving God. He is intentional in the lessons He is teaching you and the relationship He is pursuing with you. I want to have a heart that is willing to be shaped and molded by the hands of God, so I will open my life to what He has for me.  

So today, on the day of love I will be grateful for all of the blessings that have brought love into my life and joy to my soul. I try to be understanding to the fact that we are all different and some struggle with singleness more than others. However, do not let that struggle take your eyes off of Jesus, do not loose sight of the beauty He has for you in this life. Be confident in who God is creating you to be, because as you walk with Him you are His beautiful masterpiece.
Be defined by Christ, not your singleness.
Stop for a moment and see some of the blessings God has placed in your life, whether it be a cool breeze that is blowing on your face, the laughter of your family, a warm meal on a cold night, or even a pleasing sounds that you can hear in the distance. In trail or blessing, struggle or joy, God is pursuing you. Begin to open your eyes to the little and big gifts He places in your life, just for you!

I know that today is hard for some because of loss that you have walked through. It brings a pain into your life that quite literally takes the air out of your lungs and feels like your heart is shattering into pieces. The longing for just one more hug, one more kiss, and one more conversation is almost unbearable. My friends, my heart goes out to you. Please know this, you are dearly loved. 
God draws near to the brokenhearted.  

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